Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 2012 Kia Sorento - A Safe And Practical Crossover SUV

The 2012 Kia Sorento is an affordable midsize crossover SUV with an emphasis on affordability, safety and functionality. This SUV is available in a total of 6 trim levels; the base LX, LX V6, EX, EX V6, and top of the line SX V6. The Sorento has evolved dramatically throughout the years; the first model was released in 2002. It was redesigned in 2009 with a revamped grille.

The base model sports a V4 2.4 Liter engine with a total output of 175 HP. Buyers who want a more powerful ride can opt for the V6 model 3.5 Liter engine with 276 HP. Gas mileage for the V4 model stands at 22 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the freeway. The base model is more than sufficient for every day driving. In addition, this versatile SUV also has towing capacity, the four cylinder model can tow up to 1650 pounds.

Standard features include Bluetooth compatibility, audio control functions mounted on the steering wheel and a trial subscription to satellite radio. Top of the line safety features include air bags, electronic stability control, brake assist and traction control. The base model is appointed with cloth seats and while the EX comes with leather seating.

The top of the line SX V6 model comes with standard amenities including a premium infotainment system and an upgraded audio system with ten speakers. Additional options that can be included at additional cost include a rearview camera, a sunroof, navigation system, 18 " wheels, push button start and parking sensors. Accessories available for the Sorento include mud gards, a rear bumper protector and a roof cargo attachment.

The Sorento is versatile when it comes to cargo space. 9.1 cubic feet of space is available with all seats in use which can be expanded to an ample 72.5 cubic feet with the third row folded down. When it comes to safety ratings, the Sorento scored "good" on four different tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety including front offset test, side impact, rear crash protection and roof strength. The 20122 model also received top scored from the European New Car Assessment Program in safety as well as the title of "Top Safety Pick" by the IIHS.

Given its low price, strong emphasis on safety and functionality, the 2012 Sorento would be suitable for families or anyone looking for a safe and stylish crossover SUV.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Can I Prepare My Car For Holiday Travels?

With the holidays here again and plans start forming for a trip in the car, it is good to take the time to make sure the car is in shape to ensure a smooth trip. This will help safeguard every moment of the holiday, so none of it gets spent on the side of the road. Even though a long road trip is generally considered more beneficial to the car, as opposed to day-to-day driving around town, it is still a good idea to do a thorough check-up before leaving town. A break down far away from home can ruin a holiday and take away from the precious time you should be having with family and loved ones.

There are some convenient car accessories that can help the drive go smoothly and make it a lot easier if any problems do occur. They are helpful for hanging clothes, and different kinds of organizers that can hold a lot of different things. These car accessories help make the time spent in the car a pleasant one, especially if you have children to entertain. Organizers that can hang over the front seat make all the little things that are needed during the trip easily accessible.

About a week or two before the trip have a thorough check-up of the car, it is best to find a mechanic and have it serviced properly. It is important not to leave this till the day before in case there are any major problems that need to be seen to. In addition to the overall condition of the engine, the check-up should include wind shield wipers, tires, lights, air filter and brake checks. Make sure that you top up anything that is running low like water, oils and washer fluids.

A thorough check should be done on the tyres before a long journey, firstly look at the condition, tread depth, wear patterns and make sure there are no bulges or cuts. Then check the tyre pressure when they are cold and adjust accordingly. You might need to check the optimum pressure from the manual for the car. The tyres should not be under or over inflated especially when you are about to load the car and go on a long journey.

One or two days before the trip it is necessary to take note of the oil. The oil is an essential part of the car, without it the car's engine will seize up. Take a look at the records and if it is anywhere near time for an oil change, have it done before the trip. Also make sure the spare tire is in good condition and in the car.

The day before the trip fill the car with fuel and ensure the inside as well as the outside are clean. Go through the glove compartment and see if all manuals and registration papers are there.

As much as possible, pack the car the night before and using a list tick off what you have packed. This will allow enough time to pack the car properly, as it is important to spread the weight evenly, and put the bags that will be needed during the trip in accessible places. At this time take a double look at everything packed and be sure it is all essential. If it is not essential leave it at home. Cars do have a weight limit.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hoping for Transmission Repair Over Transmission Replacement

It might be hard know what is wrong with your transmission until a mechanic can get in and see what is going on. Although this does necessitate getting to the part which is difficult, it will still save you money if you find the problem to be something as simple as slipping bands rather than something being wrong with the gears.

You can see how easy it would be for a mechanic to cheat you and tell you the whole unit needs replacing when there only needs to be a transmission repair made with the bands. This is why it is so important to choose your mechanic wisely. It is easy for them to make a little extra money on you by misdiagnosing your problem on purpose. Because of this, you might even want to have a second opinion if you have the time.

Hopefully you do feel that you can trust your mechanic because it would be rather disconcerting to never be able to completely trust their judgment calls. It might help to question your mechanic and ask specifically if it could be a problem with the bands slipping. Putting them on the spot in this way might make them choose to be honest with you since you showed some knowledge about your car. If your mechanic has been trustworthy in the past then you probably have no reason for concern.

If you do end up needing a transmission repair rather than a replacement, count yourself fortunate. Now that you know more about how this part of your car works, perhaps you will be able to diagnose the issue. Hopefully you will never come to the point of needing a new one. If it turned out that your vehicle did need more than just transmission repair then you can look at the bright side and realize that you probably will not have to worry about this part needing to be replaced again while you own it and are driving it.

As you take care of your car and have it maintained regularly, make sure to not neglect the transmission. Have the fluids checked whenever you get an oil change. This might help you avoid a bigger problem such as needing a replacement.

If you do not already have a mechanic that you trust, search today online to see if you can find a respected mechanic who also has the knowledge and integrity that you are seeking.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of Maruti Ertiga: Smart Exterior and Interior

 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a 7-seater Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) that is it neither an MPV nor SUV. The Maruti Ertiga's exterior has set a standard for most popular cars like Chevrolet Tavera, Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova. The alloy wheels and the Suzuki sign embedded on the mesh-like frontier gives the car a classy and luxurious look. Maruti Ertiga is smaller in size as compared to the Toyota Innova. The roof is high enough to give room and comfort to the head area. One amazing thing about the Maruti is its elegant and brilliant exterior packaging. The Maruti is actually of the same size as the Toyota Etios but Suzuki was able to make it a seven comfortable seater vehicle. Its code name "Swift with Three Rows" attests to its speed, compatibility and holding ability.

The Maruti is said to be the best car for the urban person because it has more space in a compact and strong body and is able to climb hills easily and swiftly. Besides, there is enough room for luggage and passengers. The tail design of the Maruti is a bit conventional seeing it has rear lamps that look a bit like the Honda Jazz. There might not have been any innovation for the rear part of the car; nonetheless the whole structure with its engineering master design gives the Maruti Ertiga a breathtaking look. The Maruti Ertiga looks very beautiful and its design is far removed from the normal Japanese design with its large back headlight, minimal overhang, and sporty bumper with massive air dumps.


The doors are wide and the spaces behind the driver's seat are large and very comfortable. Moreover the third row can be folded to make room for luggage. Maruti Suzuki can accommodate 7 adult passengers.


The Maruti Ertiga is equipped with an electrically adjustable rear view mirror for the driver's use. It has a power steering which can be adjusted and entry is keyless. It also has a central locking system. To prevent the driver from taking his eyes off the road while driving, there are audio controls on the steering wheel which enables the driver to regulate the music. The music system in the Maruti is a Kenwood music player with one CD player and FM/AM radio. The Maruti Ertiga is equipped with airbags for drivers and passengers, power windows and a central door lock making it a safe urban family car.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Different Types of Car Seats for Your Child

Selecting a good car seat for your kid is a very important task that a parent has to do. In some places the hospital authorities will not allow the newborn baby to leave the hospital unless a car seat is installed. Car seats for children are of three types - the infant seat, the infant/toddler convertible seats, and the booster seats. These are manufactured and used for making your child's ride to be as safe as possible. Here we will be looking into the detailed specifications of the three types of seats that can be installed in your car for the safety of your child.

It is mandatory that if your child is less than one year old they should be riding in an infant car seat. The main feature of the infant car seat is that it faces to the rear end of the car. It is designed in such a way so that the delicate neck of your baby will be protected in the event of sudden breaking or an accident. Their necks are not as strong as ours.

This infant seat is suitable for babies up to 20 lbs. This shows that your baby will outgrow the infant seat within six to eight months of its purchase. It would be better if you could buy a convertible car seat which can be turned to see the front. It would be more convenient if you could buy something which can easily be converted into a stroller system.

Most of the parents opt to buy an infant seat for their child, as convertibles are a bit bigger for infants. The straps will be loose for them. Whether you buy a convertible or an infant seat, you will need a convertible as your child becomes more than 20 lbs. This will be very necessary as this is the age where a child starts to travel frequently in a car. Convertible seats are designed in such a way that it can be adjusted through the growing ages of your child. This can be used by children up to 40 lbs or up to 4 years of age.

Boosters are for children who are above 3 years of age or at least have reached 40lbs. The primary objective in using a booster system is to optimize the seating position of the child so that they can use the car seat belt system correctly. A booster should be used until your child reaches the age of 8 or they grow up to 4 feet 9 inch.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What Are Car Thieves Looking For?

Car thieves are every motorist's worst nightmare; you come back to where you parked your car but it isn't there. Immediately you have to worry about how to get wherever you were going, calling the police to inform them about the theft, and dealing with your insurance company. If you're lucky you may get your car returned to you eventually with no damage. If you aren't so lucky your car may suffer damage, be written off, or even disappear without a trace. Any payment from your insurance company will only cover the cost of repairs, or if the car gets written off you will receive the value of the car. Unfortunately that value won't include any money you have recently invested in the car for new tyres, services or MOTs, although you can usually claim back some road tax.

You may think that joy riders would target the high performance sports cars, but actually, older cars are targeted more often. Older, lower value cars do not have the same security features that the high performance cars do. Less protection means a joy rider doesn't need to spend as long getting inside the car, and they probably won't find a noisy car alarm to attract attention. The sooner they get in, the sooner they can start speeding around in your car. Aside from buying a newer, more secure vehicle, all you can do is make sure that you always lock your car and shut all the windows. Avoiding parking in secluded locations will also lessen the risk of joy riders targeting your car.

Joy riders are only one group of car thieves, there are also opportunistic thieves and professional thieves. Opportunistic thieves will steal any car that looks like easy pickings, so the model is not very important. Avoiding them requires a bit of concentration - making sure you never leave the car unlocked, or with valuables on display, and definitely don't leave your car with the engine running while you 'just pop somewhere'. All it takes is the wrong person walking past and they can climb in and drive away before you know what's happening.

Professional thieves are more worrying as they target specific vehicles and generally try to get the keys first. This can prove dangerous for you if they try to car-jack you (targeting you while you are in the car so they can take the keys, and kick you out of the car), or burgle your house. The cars then have their identity changed by replacing the registration numbers and removing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates before being sold on, often being exported. Forty percent of high value cars will be out of the country within 48 hours of being stolen.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Courier Work Tips - Staying Alert on the Road

If you do courier work you'll be driving for a large part of every day you spend at work. Your workplace is comprised of the roads in your particular area. Even though you may know them well, you won't necessarily be the safest driver to use them.

However there is a lot you can do to ensure you stay as safe as possible and remain alert the whole time you are behind the wheel. If you want some tips in this respect keep reading - you might learn a thing or two!

Drink little and often
You'll no doubt want plenty of coffee or tea to kick start your day when you prepare to tackle the first jobs comprising your courier work for the day. This is good as it will wake you up and keep you feeling fresh and alert. However you shouldn't drink them quickly. Make them last and you will feel the effects of the caffeine without feeling bloated from excessive consumption. Drinking water little and often is also good, because it will prevent you getting headaches which can be caused by too little in the way of fluids.

Keep the windows open
This doesn't really apply in the middle of winter, but even then you can keep them cracked open a small amount to let a little fresh air in. If you have air conditioning and you are feeling tired while doing your courier work, switch it on and enjoy the fresh blast of cold air. It'll only take a minute or two to feel the benefits.

Make the most of the time you are out of your vehicle
One of the advantages of courier work is that you won't spend all your time driving around. You'll be delivering parcels and other important items as well, so you will be hopping in and out of your vehicle on a regular basis too. You can use this time to your advantage to make sure you stay alert. For example, if you have to go beyond the ground floor in a building, use the stairs instead of opting for the lift. This will ensure you get fitter and it will help you reduce the amount of time you feel tired for anyway. Even the odd jog from door to door can help you feel more alert, rather than trudging there and feeling lethargic for it.

As you can see it is really just a matter of changing the way you do things. There are plenty of other things you can do as well, such as playing loud music and nibbling at things little and often rather than eating a large meal at lunchtime then wondering why you feel so tired in the afternoon. A lot of it is common sense, but as you can see from the tips above, it is all about simple things done regularly too.