Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Can I Prepare My Car For Holiday Travels?

With the holidays here again and plans start forming for a trip in the car, it is good to take the time to make sure the car is in shape to ensure a smooth trip. This will help safeguard every moment of the holiday, so none of it gets spent on the side of the road. Even though a long road trip is generally considered more beneficial to the car, as opposed to day-to-day driving around town, it is still a good idea to do a thorough check-up before leaving town. A break down far away from home can ruin a holiday and take away from the precious time you should be having with family and loved ones.

There are some convenient car accessories that can help the drive go smoothly and make it a lot easier if any problems do occur. They are helpful for hanging clothes, and different kinds of organizers that can hold a lot of different things. These car accessories help make the time spent in the car a pleasant one, especially if you have children to entertain. Organizers that can hang over the front seat make all the little things that are needed during the trip easily accessible.

About a week or two before the trip have a thorough check-up of the car, it is best to find a mechanic and have it serviced properly. It is important not to leave this till the day before in case there are any major problems that need to be seen to. In addition to the overall condition of the engine, the check-up should include wind shield wipers, tires, lights, air filter and brake checks. Make sure that you top up anything that is running low like water, oils and washer fluids.

A thorough check should be done on the tyres before a long journey, firstly look at the condition, tread depth, wear patterns and make sure there are no bulges or cuts. Then check the tyre pressure when they are cold and adjust accordingly. You might need to check the optimum pressure from the manual for the car. The tyres should not be under or over inflated especially when you are about to load the car and go on a long journey.

One or two days before the trip it is necessary to take note of the oil. The oil is an essential part of the car, without it the car's engine will seize up. Take a look at the records and if it is anywhere near time for an oil change, have it done before the trip. Also make sure the spare tire is in good condition and in the car.

The day before the trip fill the car with fuel and ensure the inside as well as the outside are clean. Go through the glove compartment and see if all manuals and registration papers are there.

As much as possible, pack the car the night before and using a list tick off what you have packed. This will allow enough time to pack the car properly, as it is important to spread the weight evenly, and put the bags that will be needed during the trip in accessible places. At this time take a double look at everything packed and be sure it is all essential. If it is not essential leave it at home. Cars do have a weight limit.

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