Sunday, May 6, 2012

Concept Cars: The Cars of the Future in the Last Five Years

Every one of us would want to have cars which are high-tech and innovative. However, if cars of the future are what you have been looking for, then perhaps it is time look into concept cars. Concept cars are vehicles made for the purpose of displaying new car styling and technology. Forget your suburban family minivan; these cars are innovative and are the latest in the game. These vehicles are mostly made for showcase purposes; they are often regarded as prototypes and may need extra tweaking or modifying before being sold to the general public. But by keeping track of concept car trends in the last five years or so, you will have a good idea on what to look forward to in the future, and which features should you focus on in getting your next vehicle.

It would be impossible to list all concept cars released in the last few years, simply because there are too many of them. But there are several universal trends which are almost exclusively shared by the concept cars of the last five years. The most noticeable element is aesthetics. Most of these cars would have extra shiny, titanium-like exterior. The curves are streamlined and sharp, with metallic hues being prevalent. Take the BMW GINA for example. This vehicle has a smooth yet futuristic exterior, and may seem like a mix of 1950's luxury cars and the platinum cars of the future. However, what is more impressive is that this model is made out of fabric; Spandex to be exact. Its flexibility allows the rider to change its shape at will over a moveable frame, but yet is sturdy enough to be able to handle harsh roads and fluctuating temperatures

The next element shared by the latest concept cars is functionality. Of course, one cannot imagine the future without picturing extremely fast cars, right? These cars are not just able to go fast, but they can cruise while on top speed. The Mercedes-Benz F700, released in 2007, has a Pre-Scan feature which allows riders to not feel any bumps on the road. Although concept cars are able to burn serious rubber on the tracks, they can still keep their carbon emissions in check. Many manufactures focus on developing cars which are environmentally friendly, such as the Cadillac Converj, which relies on an emission-free electric motor. Whether it is a car which is futuristic in design, or those which perform ahead of other models in their time, concept cars prove that your dream car is just around the corner.

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